WeWork Locations In The USA

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Number of WeWork Locations:

There are 282 WeWork locations across 37 cities in the Unites States as of July 2019 WeWork Location Map

How many WeWork locations are there in each state?

California has the most WeWork locations with the state's count of 67 just narrowly beating out the state of New York.

Top Cities for WeWork

Although California is the state with the most number of locations we can't be surprised that New York City, in which WeWork is the largest office space tenant, has the most location with a count of 62.

Map of WeWork Locations Across the US

WeWork is growing at an impressive speed and competitors have started to attack the same markets. Similar Co-Working companies such as Industrious and Galvanize have targeted the same markets as WeWork though their target market is usually more specific than their larger competitor.

Speaking of large competitors, WeWork's growth does not translate into the large footprint of a more established competitor: Regus.

Below are the comparison maps of Industrious, Galvanize and Regus with WeWork:

Regus vs WeWork

WeWork Regus Location Map

  • It is very hard to compare to Regus' coverage in the US
  • WeWork has not yet expanded to a US market that Regus is not in.

Industrious vs WeWork

WeWork Industrious Location Map

  • Both have roughly the same markets, generally available in coastal regions.
  • WeWork is more present in the mountain region.
  • Industrious is more present in the midwest.

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